Thursday, July 21, 2011

Organizationally Challenged?

Hi my name is Ruby and.....I am not a neat person, I am not organized, I do not like to clean....(my wonderful husband will vouch for this)

I am somewhat overwhelmed with projects at the moment and when I get overwhelmed I just do nothing.  So this is my small attempt at getting "organized".   This is my space, I love my space and it makes me happy it may look messy but I know where everything is!

So my small attempt to get "organized" and finish my projects, see that small yellow square?

Yep thats it! I made a list and taped it to the wall so I won't lose it.  I said it was a small attempt.  I think my problem at the moment is I am working on a valance for my kitchen and I'm just not feeling it.  I like it but I don't want to work on it but I also don't want to start anything else till I finish it.

So, are you a neat organized person?  Or are you like me, messy and happy?

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