Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hair Week!

So over at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar its hair week and I love it! I tried the Twist and Pin  today and its really cute! It only took five minutes and was super easy.  Now mine looked no where near as good as theirs but its a great summer do.  I tried to get a good picture but.....its really hard to get a good picture of the back or your head!

Happy Wednesday!

We had a busy weekend and a busy start of the week.  We had a birthday party with one Tayson's best buddies.  Isn't it fun trying to get two, 2 year old boys in a picture! 

I have been crafting away for my swap and working on the amazing online embroidery class that Wild Olive is hosting.  It is so much fun I will post a few pics soon! This is the craft mess that I made yesterday trying to finish my swap up! I am having a blast swapping and I can't wait to start another swap!

 This is just a cute picture of Tayson's dinner one night.  He loved the sweet potato tots!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Best Husband Ever

So when I said my husband is wonderful I meant it.  He's a truck driver and isn't home as much as he'd like.  He came home today and gave me a card that he made for me last night when he was in the truck. I love it, it's perfect and better then anything he could have bought me! Would everyone like to see it! 
This is the front
 This is the inside
 This is the back....
He drew Peach with a sharpie from a picture on his phone! Hes so great! Oh and just cause he's so cute heres my kiddo....

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beach Pillow

I made this pillow with the Beach Babes pattern from Sublime Stitching.  It is a gift for my step brother and his partner.  They have a condo in Rehoboth Beach DE that they let us stay at.  I embroidered it on yellow gingham.  I added pom pom trim and a plain white backing.  Here is all the pictures from start to finish! 

It was a little harder then I thought it would be.  I've never put a trim in a pillow before and I am a beginner on my sewing machine.  I got through it though and I am about 90% satisfied. 

 Next time I will do the trim a little different, overlap it and pin it all at once.  I did it side by side this time and it made it kinda hard. 

 Here it is before I stuffed it. 
 And finally here it is all stuffed and finished! I love it and I think I might make something similer for myself. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Post

Hi! I'm Ruby and I am a stay at home mommy to a wonderful little boy. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 5 years.  We like to stay active and have lots of fun and lately I've been getting crafty.  I wanted to start a blog and keep track of my new found craftiness! 

I also love to cook, we are a flexitarian family.   Meaning we very rarely eat meat and almost all of my baking is vegan.

I plan on adding more to the blog as soon as I can figure it out.  I would like to have pictures of all the crafting and cooking that I do on here.  Thanks everyone for visiting!