Thursday, January 12, 2012

This is why I am over weight....

I eat junk. 

It's that simple.  I go though phases where I will eat better but I always seem to come back to eating junk. I would live off of pizza, pasta and chips.  I know how I should eat, I know what I should eat and appropriate portions, but I don't I eat pizza and tortilla chips covered in cheese.  I really don't have a reason to post this, I really have no reason to be writing this but I just thought I would.  I am trying to hold myself accountable.  =)


  1. Eat when you are hungry, stop before you are full! :)

  2. I love junk too. Sometimes I have to force myself to be healthy, but then when I've been eating healthily consistently, I start to want healthy food instead of junk- and that is basically the cycle of my life haha