Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oh Potty Training......

Seriously, there should be a place to send your kid to be potty trained.   Lil' man is 3 years and one month old and he refuses to do the following...

1. Wear underwear.  He just flat out refuses we have about 15 pair, hes picked them all out in various designs. 

2. Sit on a potty.  He won't do it.  We've tried to bribe him with everything under the sun. 

3. Pee on the potty, obviously if he won't sit on it he won't pee either. 

For Christmas Santa brought him very special Star Wars underwear.  He said if Santa brought him Star Wars one's he'd wear them HAH! Yeah right.  Today we are trying something else. I let him decorate his potty in Star Wars stickers.  This is something I would have never considered before, oh the things you resort do.  Right now hes sitting on it but it took 20 minutes of crying and some bribery to get him to sit. 

and again why isn't there somewhere to send a kid to get potty

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  1. Same here.. tried to potty train my almost-two year-old but she has never pee outside of her diapers, ever! The last time I tried, it was a disaster. I brought her to potty and about five minutes after putting on her pants, she peed. Oh the joy! Lol.