Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vegan Pudding

I have a new obsession, vegan pudding. 
It is amazing. 

I've never really been a pudding fan so T didn't even know what it was. Then we saw the display, you know the one with the brightly colored packages with all kinds of junk in them. Of course he asked for it but I looked at the ingredients and said told him sorry it didn't have good ingredients in it.   He was bummed but he's used to mom saying no at the grocery store.

I was on a mission find a healthy, easy, vegan, trying to cut back the dairy, recipe.

I typed vegan pudding in google and found a ton.  I started looking through the links.  I wanted something basic that I could add to if I wanted.   I read a bunch and decided to go with this one. 

It was quick, easy and I always have these on hand.  It is delicious.  The first batch was gone as soon as it was chilled. T loved it, love isn't even the right word.  He devoured it and asked if he could eat it for every meal hah!

I'm not going to reprint the recipe, you can check it out here.  I only made a few changes.

I used coconut milk, its what we had.  I also threw in some cinnamon.  It made four of these little bowls, I threw some blueberries in the bottom of two of them.  So good!  I can't wait to get this batch chilled and eat up!

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